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To experience this for yourself (and with your child, if age-appropriate), take a look at Pablo Picasso's Guernica, which was our cover photo inspiration. Referred to as one of modern art's iconic masterpieces, it was painted in 1937 in response to the ruthless bombing of the Basque town by the German Luftwaffe in support of General Franco during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica is massive – 11 feet tall by 25 feet wide – and it depicts the horror and impact of war, a stark turn away from art showing it as heroic. Do try this at home What do you see happening in Guernica? Describe and share your emotions as you view the piece – how do the different faces make you feel? What do you think about as you look at them? Paris was occupied by German troops in the 1940s. When a Nazi officer visited Picasso, he asked him, "Did you do that?" Picasso famously replied, "No, you did." What role can, and should, art play in making political statements? Cover A mentorship group discusses Picasso's Guernica. Entre Nous is published annually by TFS' Communications Department for parents, students, alumni, staff and friends. Comments and ideas are welcome at Feature Writers Laura François-Eugene Anita Griffiths Amy Morin Doriane Rey Maryann Shemansky Student Contributors Nicole D. Magnus F. Megan C. Design Hambly & Woolley Inc. Photography Anita Griffiths Jag Gundu* Jason Mortlock* Doriane Rey * external contributor Admissions Office TFS – Canada's International School 306 Lawrence Avenue East Toronto, Ontario M4N 1T7 Canada Phone 416.484.6533 ext. 4247 Toronto Campus 306 Lawrence Avenue East Toronto, Ontario M4N 1T7 Canada Phone 416.484.6533 West Campus 1293 Meredith Avenue Mississauga, Ontario L5E 2E6 Canada Phone 905.278.7243 Website This year, the TFS staff has been introduced to the café philosophique – a conversation about a thought- provoking topic that is approached rationally, using philosophical methods, in a relaxed environment such as a Parisian café, where the idea originated. This issue of Entre Nous aims to embrace the spirit of a café philo by bringing divergent voices together to find points of unity. CAFÉ PHILO Head of School / Chef d'établissement Dr. Josep González Managing Editor Maryann Shemansky Publisher Anita Griffiths Guernica, Pablo Picasso, 1937 WARM - UP QUESTIONS CAFÉ PHILO QUESTIONS

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