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2018–2019 Volunteers TFS Board of Directors Mitch Frazer, Chair Judy Goldring, Vice Chair Roger Poirier, Vice Chair Shernee Chandaria '95 Laura Doori-Aanasio Marie Garneau Christian Lassonde (ex-officio) Dan Markou David Marshall Ma Mortazavi Arnaud Soupa Juliana Spro Julia St-Louis Saleh (Ivonoffski) '05 (ex-officio) Sandra Sullivan Keeley Azin Tabrizi-Holder '94 (ex-officio) Audit and Finance Committee Laura Doori-Aanasio, Chair Mitch Frazer (ex-officio) Nora Nestor Roger Poirier Arnaud Soupa Allen Topaloglu Sara Yamotahari Nominating and Governance Committee Judy Goldring, Chair Mitch Frazer (ex-officio) Marie Garneau Dan Markou David Marshall Sandra Sullivan Keeley Property and Sustainability Committee Ma Mortazavi, Chair Shernee Chandaria '95 John Filipei Judy Goldring Robert Papazian West Campus Committee David Marshall, Chair Dr. Mary Frances Bolland Ted Endean '88 Dr. omas Knapp '84 Sanjay Malaviya Michelle Marion Juliana Spro

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