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____________________________________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 19 Septembre 2016 Septembre 2016 Harassment Policy TFS - CANADA'S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL POLICIES & PROCEDURES SECTION : GENERAL EMPLOYEE INFORMATION & POLICIES Subject : HARASSMENT POLICY AND PROGRAM Effective Date : February 3, 1999 Developed by : Heads Council Replaces Policy Dated : New Approved by : Heads Council Date Approved : Feb. 1999 Date revised: September 2016 Distribution : All Manual Holders STUDENT AND WORKPLACE HARASSMENT POLICY Toronto French School is fully committed to respecting and protecting the personal dignity and human rights of our students and employees. Harassment in any form is against everything for which we stand as an educational institution and it will not be tolerated. This policy is based on the School's belief that students and emp loyees have a right to work and study in an atmosphere that is free from any form of harassment or intimidation and that we all share a responsibility for ensuring that such an environment exists at all times.

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