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On December 5, 2021, William Henry "Harry" Giles passed away, and TFS lost its second co-founder. Born in Windsor, Ontario, Mr. Giles went on to study at the University of Toronto, where he met Anna Por, his future wife and co- founder of Toronto French School, incorporated in 1962. Mr. Giles was a pioneer of bilingual education in Canada. He was also an innovator, introducing Russian-language instruction during the Cold War, Scottish O levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, still part of TFS' curriculum today. In 1973, Mr. Giles was honoured for his work by being named a Member of the Order of Canada. He remained Headmaster for 22 years, until 1984. We are proud to call Anna and Harry's children, David '75, Kathy '77 and Christa '79, and their granddaughter Amanda '08, TFS alumni. As we approach our 60th anniversary year, we will continue to honour Mr. Giles' boundless spirit, drive and commitment to bilingual education. HEAD OF SCHOOL / CHEF D'É TABLISSEMENT Norman Gaudet MANAGING EDITOR / RÉDACTRICE EN CHEF Maryann Shemansky PUBLISHER / ÉDITEUR Ronan Le Guern FEATURE WRITERS / RÉDACTEURS Michelle Castillo Anita Griffiths Ronan Le Guern Maryann Shemansky Léo Veteau DESIGN / CONCEPTION GRAPHIQUE Clear Space PHOTOGRAPHY / PHOTOGRAPHIE Michelle Castillo Anita Griffiths Jenna Muirhead Photography Léo Veteau FRONT COVER / COUVERTURE Maftuna B. and Elliot N. Level V REMEMBERING HARRY GILES 1930 – 2021

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