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ADMISSIONS OFFICE TFS – Canada's International School 306 Lawrence Ave. E. Toronto, Ontario M4N 1T7 Canada Phone 416.484.6533 ext. 4247 TORONTO CAMPUS 306 Lawrence Ave. E. Toronto, Ontario M4N 1T7 Canada Phone 416.484.6533 WEST CAMPUS 1293 Meredith Avenue Mississauga, Ontario L5E 2E6 Canada Phone 905.278.7243 "When you think about my dad, smile. He does not want us to be sad; he wants us to keep pushing and striving for the best." Mariam Torou's uplifting words resonated throughout the silent Senior School gym, students and staff alike absorbing each statement of the tribute to her father that so beautifully captured Darnace's approach to life: spread warmth and generosity to all those around us. The feeling of a time to say goodbye permeated the assembly, as did the aura of a person who, according to his loved ones, had a gift for "cultivating friendships and spreading cheer." One by one, his colleagues took to the floor in front of the bright yellow background of a photograph of their dear friend, who had left them too soon, his heartfelt smile shining from his portrait. For some, their friend was a living encyclopedia who could talk for hours on end about African politics and international relations as easily as he did about the birth of hip-hop in New York City. For others, he was a library beaming with "cheerful wisdom." To be honest, though, Darnace was undeniably a novel. Born in Chad and educated in Togo, he embarked on a life as a Chadian diplomat, working on different missions at the United Nations. That was where he cultivated his knowledge of different peoples and developed his international perspective, among other things. However, the twists and turns of both life and the geopolitical scene that he was so passionate about put him on a path to Canada. It was a second chance for him – one that he would always cherish. Far from friends and family, he found a new home at TFS after being hired as a history and geography teacher at the West Campus in 2005. "Generous with his time, generous with his company, generous with his knowledge," Darnace captivated his students as only a good storyteller can, sharing his life experiences through countless anecdotes, demonstrating his openness to the world and showering us with his overflowing humanity. The same can be said of his work at the Toronto campus, where he taught the social sciences through the lens of his sense of citizenship and engagement – personal values that he espoused on a regular basis. To the end, he was the very essence of the motto we try to live by every day: Individuals who reflect, Citizens who act.

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